Download MP3: Tory Lanez – 392 Ft. VV$ KEN

Download MP3: Tory Lanez – 392 Ft. VV$ KEN

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Tory Lanez – 392 Ft. VV$ KEN MP3 Download 2020 Song Audio Free Music

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Stream & Download 392 by Tory Lanez and VV$ KEN

Tory Lanez – 392 Ft. VV$ KEN


[Intro: VV$ KEN]
Freebandz shit, Freebandz shit (Yeah)
Baow, baow, baow, baow (Grrr)
Freebandz shit, man, Bank cash shit
Man, you know we on [?], man
Swipe or no swipe, we find [?]
OV 438, nigga (Young Dizzle)

[Verse 1: VV$ KEN]
Hop in the Scat and I go (Vroom)
Went and got Louboutins right out the store, ayy
Twenty-two ridin’ with [?] (Baow)
You hear a [?] and that boy on the floor
I got my Glock on my lap, I’ma scope
[?] on the pole
Told all my niggas y’all better not fold
If anything I’ma go and get the pole (Grrr)
Yeah I’m a shooter but don’t gotta shoot it (Grrr)
I pay my lil’ hitta to pull up and do it
So that’s your ass if we’re gettin’ to it
I got, lil’ niggas ready to chew it
I got pieces, I’m ready, I’m swipey
You all about [?] so stop all that typin’, ayy
I ain’t got time for no tussle
I’ma just pull up and pop me a muscle
After I caught it, I bought me a duffle
392, it take off like a shuddle
Needed some paper, told my niggas huddle
Lil’ bitch I’d be broke if I wanted to cuddle (Hell no)
Wrist fifty, want the new pack, place your order
If you send a beast to come shop, I’ma shot her
Ayy, I’ma spin your block like a CD
Got about twenty missed calls from a BD
Gotta pay a lawyer, can’t rock with no PD
Told that nigga take it to the door and make it speedy
Pussy niggas tryna call the truce like a treaty
Made about fifty-five bands off titty
Say he gon’ rob me, ha, try, pussy
Fam, blood, he lyin’
Make ’em [?], skrrt, pssh
Go on and slide it (Young Dizzle)
I gotta be up for the pick up
If I miss the drop time, I’ma go and stick up, ayy
‘Cause I gotta go and get it
[?] come, gotta go and hit it, ayy
I gotta go and hit it, ayy
Gotta go and hit it, ayy
Yeah, ayy, yeah

[Verse 2: Tory Lanez]
Ayy, okay
Soon as this Glock lock, in it
I hit his block and I bend it, shots extended
Talkin’ too hot, I’ma spin it
Flew to the jeweler, bought a quarter mil’ watch independent
Shots keep flyin, who spinnin’?
Ain’t nobody seen who did it
Traphouse, need new tenants
Hop in the Scat and they shootin’ for Kenny like he a lieutenant
All of my opps I’m shootin’
That choppa be talkin’ that fluent
Don’t talk, I do it
Choppa erase his face
They had to cool it and close the casket at his viewin’, hmm, damn
Niggas be tellin’ “I knew it”
Brand new bitch fell in, I flew it
Blew twenty racks in the club but a nigga so rich that you niggas can’t tell that I blew it, ayy
I’m slidin’ infinity
I just go skrrt [?] in it
I don’t give a fuck what bitch [?]
I don’t trust you if you [?]
Hit the gas, cruise to infinity
Know I got opps that’ll try, no nigga ’bout to drop for the call
So I gotta keep switchin’ it, ayy
If I go to jail, I fuck the seal
Piss real dirty, fuck the peel
Down to the kill, uh
Had a nigga playin’ my backend
[?] without a choppa, a nigga back in
Pick 30 and the MAC10
That’s lights, no camera but the action
Homie I go to mail with this
Been a thug since me and Kellz was jits
He was steppin’ out the cell with drip
And all my niggas out of jail are rich
It’s poppin’